Hicky Burpday Jen!

Is it wrong to schedule a blog post in case you forget to phone your sister on her birthday?? Only kidding, Happy Birthday Jen, hope you have a good one!

Hicky Burpday

The most important thing in my world has her birthday today. Not the greatest as she still isn’t 100% but better as she is improving. Luv ya babe, Happy Birthday.

Hicky Burpday

The lady is another year wiser Happy Birthday Heather. Now I don’t know her from Adam (Eve?) but I have been visiting her site on and off since the early days (1999 or so). If you have never been, go and trawl through the archives for some wonderful photography, go to the famous mirror project,…Continue reading Hicky Burpday


One of my friends is 30th today. Hicky Burpday Stu! The first of ‘us’ to be ‘old’… eek! In other news, spent the day gardening, got the back completely weeded and dug over, planted a bamboo, an acer, and a conifer. These are the exciting times I live in…

Hicky Burpday

The little red boat turns one, and we get an explanation of why it’s called the little red boat. Way to go Anna!! (I would ‘Big her up’ as suggested by her sister, but I’m not sure what that contains…)