Royally pissed off

Wanted to mention the sad deaths of the co-joined twins.
Wanted to have fun with the man who has just come out of a coma and still thinks it’s 1984.
Wanted to discuss a possible Agony Uncle column for the Blogathon (as I’ve not had any suggestions from anyone else).

Instead, I’m pissed off. Fucking pissed off as a matter of fact. I don’t talk about work on here much, but one thing I have said before is that I HATE office politics and as a team lead I try to avoid them at all costs but I know I have to deal with them now and again.

This is one of those ‘now’ moments. Although it has more to do with professional courtesy, and … ohh loads of other stuff I don’t wanna mention here.

Sidenote: Do you feel the need to be validated, reassured, praised now and again? Made to feel of value? Or is it just me?


The weekend looms near
It’s only Thursday lunchtime and already I’m thinking about the weekend. Friday night will see a quick trip to the pub to see off a work colleague who is leaving and heading off to New Zealand (good luck Heather!). We are ‘baby-sitting’ our niece and nephew (who are 13 and 16 respectively and would HATE it if they found out that I’d just called it baby-sitting ;-), which will probably entail a trip to the cinema. No doubt Christopher will want to see either Daredevil or Jackass. With the latter being an 18 I’m a tad wary but he is a sensible kid, and much more mature than I was at his age, hmmm we’ll see. Joanne and Louise can go off and see some chick-flick (probably that J-Lo one), and no doubt Chris and I will end up on the PS2 until the wee small hours.

I also want to get the ‘office’ at home sorted out, and fit the new remote control light switches we picked up last weekend, add in the rugby, F1 and the closing of the weekend with 24 and it looks like being a fairly packed weekend.

Better make sure I get an early night tonight.


Traffic, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Unbreakable, Vertical Limit? We need to get to the cinema more often.

I’ve also had my interest in tattoos reopened (yes I have a couple). Been researching the origins and ‘classic’ designs – no not LOVE and HATE on the knuckles – some of them are gorgeous and fit nicely into my fascination with Eastern Oriental culture. More on that later I think..

There is one thing I like about this website. I can write what I like, be as vague as I like, can be kinda fun. Of course I wouldn’t use this to wind anyone up – that wouldn’t be fair, would it…