Happy Birthday

It’ll be quiet here today as today marks the occasion when my beloved wife moves into her ‘mid-thirties’. Ohh I’m gonna pay for that one… Happy Birthday darling. I love you more than I have words to say, and considering the amount of words I throw about on a daily basis I guess that’s a…Continue reading Happy Birthday

Hicky Burpday Jen!

Is it wrong to schedule a blog post in case you forget to phone your sister on her birthday?? Only kidding, Happy Birthday Jen, hope you have a good one!


We had few plans for this weekend, which is fairly rare. However Sunday was my late mother-in-law’s birthday so we had already decided to go to Cashel where we have a tree planted in her memory. But before that we had a free Saturday and, after pottering about in the morning, we headed to Kelvingrove…Continue reading Weekender

Out of whack

Ouchy My back isn’t mega-sore if I keep it moving. That makes sitting down at a computer to do work a little annoying… hence the reason I’m still awake at 1am doing some work. Thankfully it’s improving every day. Happy Birthday! Visited my Gran tonight on the occasion of her 87th birthday. She’s finally out…Continue reading Out of whack

Happy Birthday

Mumsy is mmrrfllthh mumbble years old, Happy Birthday Mumsy! We are meeting my family in Glasgow at The Bothy restaurant for dinner, which is ideal as we’ve had a long lazy day pottering around the house and neither of us can be bothered cooking.


KABOOMCRACKFLASHRUMBLE Went the weather. F  l i   c  k e   r went the lights. Satellite box turned itself off, and off went the PC too (just in case). Quite a nice evening was had reading books. UPDATE: I wasn’t the only one enjoying the storm. ~ I love pistachios. I like sitting at a bar,…Continue reading Snippets

Happy Birthday

My darling wife has aged another year. I’m not allowed to tell you what age she is, but anyone born in 1973 should be able to figure it out (they were a particularly clever bunch that year). Tonight I’m whisking her off for dinner, and then home… to.. well get her yearly birthday treat. Yes,…Continue reading Happy Birthday


A few beers tonight, for medicinal reasons of course, and I should be fast asleep. Unfortunately my brain is still churning away at several thousand miles per hour so I’m tidying out my email, deleting old files, boring stuff that doesn’t require much concentration. I’ll pause and mention that it’s my other sisters (in-law) birthday…Continue reading Hic


Is there a term for today’s date (05/05/05)? Or is it just the wordsmiths who spent hours and hours creating words about words? Two things to mention today: 1. GO VOTE! 2. Happy Birthday to my favourite sister – I have to fight the urge to type “little” as she’s 24 now so I think…Continue reading Fives