Switching off

Nothing of substance. Truth be told I’m killing time whilst I wait for some software to install. Aren’t you lucky, dear reader, that I’m so thoughtful. I’m installing software because I’m working today, which from the looks of the weather doesn’t seem like a bad option now, typically holiday weekend weather outside. In other words,…Continue reading Switching off

Clock watching

I woke at… well… I think it was about 6.30am on Sunday. I went downstairs, fed the cat, put some coffee on and made some breakfast before settling down to watch the Australian Grand Prix coverage. I was recording it because it started at 6 am, not a time I usually see on a Sunday…Continue reading Clock watching

Terror! Inept?

Some brief thoughts that sparked through my head after the “terror” attack on Glasgow Airport. 1. Glasgow, my home city. All of a sudden it’s close to home. Doubly so as I drive right past the runway every day on my way to work every day. 2. Glasgow, isn’t a capital city, why didn’t they…Continue reading Terror! Inept?

Monday meetingsWhat’s the worst thing that happens when you’ve just agreed to take on two more projects? You get hit by meeting overload. In an attempt to stop myself committing hari-kari, I’ve dug out a few links on surviving those long meetings: Boredom, bingo and bullshit Surviving Meetings 12 Questions and Answers Chairing Meetings Mind…Continue reading


East Kilbride shopping centre early a.m. – hunting for wedding present and purple attire, found neither. Hamilton for lunch – same shoppng goals – got wedding present, a lovely set of glasses (more on that in a sec). Glasgow for secondary shopping goal – purple attire – remembered why we don’t travel across the city…Continue reading Weekender