Quick update

Thanks to all for your thoughts. What a lovely bunch of people frequent this silly website (err.. that’s a compliment… I think). Anyway, the good news, yes, that’s right the GOOD NEWS, is that the worst that happened to my niece was some cuts and bruises. Again, it’s the tip of the story but, right…Continue reading Quick update

In a rut

So much to talk about, so little inclination. Live 8 – the vitriol surrounding these concerts astounds me. Is it ideal? No. Is it part of a greater scheme that actually seems to be working? Yes. Sir Bob was on Jonathon Ross at the weekend, Jonathon asked him “why have the G8 countries done nothing?”,…Continue reading In a rut

Sith is good?

Apparently the new Star Wars movie (out in 14 days and counting) is a bloodbath. The movie has been given a PG-13 rating due to its “sci-fi violence and some intense images”, which warns parents that it could be inappropriate for viewers younger than 13. I say GOOD! Is it possible that Mr. Lucas may…Continue reading Sith is good?


“A healthy grown up busy busy bee” Deadlines, deadlines. Etymology aside it’s a simple little word that holds an awesome power. Well it must do, I mean I’ve just stopped working at 1.30am. NOT GOOD! Tomorrow, more manic work – in fact this trend will continue until the end of March – and a trip…Continue reading Mr.K.Blain

To clarify

I’m not questioning my sexuality. We are not discussing having children (and how odd those two sentences look together). We are both very happy, and ultimately, whilst big things are going on, they are GOOD big things (on the whole, bar one…). I’ll also try and leave the whole ‘obfuscating’ thing to Vaughan as, frankly,…Continue reading To clarify

Guilty secretsJust ordered the soundtrack to Chicago. Shhhh don’t tell anyone (I blame my mother, watching all those MGM musicals when I was growing up has obviously deeply affected me). Ohh didn’t I mention we went to see it at the weekend? No? Well, briefly, it was FANTASTICALLY BRILLIANTLY GOOD. Or some other superlative.