Not Planned

I’m a planner. I plan. It’s what I do. But sometimes things happen and plans need to be adjusted. I received a somewhat alarming email from 34sp, an ISP I use for a couple of sites I run, including this one. Apparently a couple of my sites were hacked recently. I don’t visit the sites…Continue reading Not Planned


This post may not interest you in the slightest, the main point is that you shouldn’t notice a thing but it may be quiet here for a few days in the near future. I think, after four and a half years, through Blogger Pro, the Google buyout, the redesign and all the early day issues,…Continue reading WordPress

Site news

Updated the Visit page again, removed a few, added a few, hoped to not cause offense by placing site X after site Y, you know the kinda thing… If I’ve missed you, or deleted you, or you think I’m missing out (the sites listed are my ‘regulars’) let me know. Well I would’ve updated it…Continue reading Site news

More BlogAmp

Hmmmm Hokay… BlogAmp works if I keep an FTP connection open with my FTP client, but the plugin doesn’t seem able to open the connection itself, odd. More investigation to come.