So it seems some low life piece of scum has managed to get hold of my debit card details and has been using it to purchase… something.

First transaction was two days ago (I guess to test it works) for Β£10. Listed in my bank statement as “Maidenhead”. Second one for Β£50 listed the same way and a third for Β£50 listed as “Vodafone CTR, Newbury”.

My card is now cancelled and nice lady at the Bank said I should get my money back without any hassle. Need to talk to their Fraud Unit of course.

I was only checking my bank, online, to see how much I could give Louise to take with her on her shopping trip to Newcastle this weekend. Thanks to the fuckwits I now have no bank card (thankfully my parents will help tide us over).

It’s at times like these that I lose ALL sympathy with any form of criminal. Those poor darlings who complain about their human rights being abused can chuff right off. They broke the law, knowingly in most cases, so they have to suffer. Tough shit. They should think themselves lucky I’m not trying to get their details and going round with a baseball bat.

Feel free to disagree with me, but be warned that I’m seriously, utterly UTTERLY fucked off. Not in a good mood. Bitter and angry. Any suggestions that these fuckers deserve anything from the system will be meet with derision and scorn. A roof, a bed, three square meals and clean clothes and living conditions. Other than that they should all shut up and learn that life is about consequences.

Ohh and credit to the lady I spoke to on the phone, obviously realised how wound up I was and dealt with me expertly. Not ALL call centres are bad.

Still fucked off though, especially as I have no idea where they got my card details from. I’m very careful online, and I don’t hand it over at restaurants… wracking my brain to figure this out.