Monday Miscellany

1. Being linked from Dooce brings in a few extra hits. A few being something around the “60” mark, and certainly not as many as I would’ve thought… however the link was in her sidebar, not from the main content. I’ve had a similar number of ‘referrers’ from Reluctant Nomad (to whom I placed the…Continue reading Monday Miscellany


Despite being a little lacking in the “atmosphere” you get from a busy pub, the blogmeet went well. Thanks to everyone for coming along and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Double bonus with the football score! As ever the time fairly zipped along and before you know it the streetlights…Continue reading Blogmet

Not here

In a pattern that may well be repeated in the following few days, I’m not here. I’m outside. In the sun. Frying to a crisp… where DID we put those bottles of sun cream from last year? And why oh why oh why can I never ever ever mention sun cream without thinking about Sunscreem?…Continue reading Not here

Time flies

Didn’t venture over the door yesterday, not even to put the bins out. Awful weather, cold wind, driving rain, yeuch. So we stayed in, Louise made some cards, I hacked on with a mockup of a site (one of two on the go at the moment), and gave a little more thought to the seminar…Continue reading Time flies


We have some empty picture frames lying around, and we’d like to put some photos of our friends and family in them. This poses a slight problem though as we don’t have any photos that we like. I did a little research last night, and as we are getting together with our friends at the…Continue reading Headshot

Three down

Nine to go… hic! Off out to dinner soon, having spent the day buying plants, planting plants, and moving plants under the watchful eye of the in-laws. They’re quite handy. And what odds that Lance Armstrong gets his record breaking sixth Tour de France this year?