Finding the way

Overhead the clouds swirl, heavy drops of rain plummet onto his upturned face. Eyes closed he savours each tiny impact, each one reaffirming one thing, he is still alive and, as the rain washes away the dust and grime, he smiles. He lowers his head and looks around, noticing each blade of grass anew, the…Continue reading Finding the way


He hurries in from the cold,shakes his overcoat from his shoulders and hangs it, then his hat, on the bentwood coat stand. He warms his hands on the radiator, crosses the living room to the hi-fi. Bending down he flick-flacks quickly through the LPs, and in practised movement slides an album from its sleeve and…Continue reading Habit

Happily lost

The heavy staccato, the ponderous, throbbing heartbeat, pulsating through their every pore, filling them completely. They are beholden to it, quick to relinquish control, released into it, devoured, immersed, completely lost to each pulse, every melody. All around them the closed eyes of their brothers and sisters cry out, silence roars from deafened mouths as…Continue reading Happily lost


She can’t remember much of her childhood, a life spent travelling from town to provincial town, her parents picking up jobs where they could until something, as it inevitably did, went wrong. She tries not to remember the shouting and yelling, the men fighting, the women cursing, the pointing, the stares, the hasty packing of…Continue reading Svetlana

Darkness unbeing

It’s an itch, and urge, a pulling, scratching, gouging force churning away inside him. His chest is tight, knotted, formulate and plotting. Despising and demonic he plots revenge, he charts the motions and savours the instant. Brutal and vicious, he is animal. A deep breath. It refuses to move. Tensed, he is ready to pounce,…Continue reading Darkness unbeing

The Notebook

“This time it will be different, it will, it will, it will.” She repeats her promise over and over, the needle jumping inside her head. “This time I will be controlled and calm, I’m sure he will notice”, she thinks, “He must notice and if he doesn’t, I will make sure he does!” She laughs…Continue reading The Notebook

The Slick Blade

His muscles strain as he tenses against the movement beneath him. His grip remains firm as he shifts his weight slightly, fully immobilising the writhing mass that twitches at his feet. He looks down with impunity, almost with a sense of pity but he knows what must be done. He has trained a long time…Continue reading The Slick Blade

In the head space

Adrift. Floating in an empty space. Colour fills the horizon, seeping into the space below, sinking deeper and merging with black. The subtle rhythm of the music, the staccato beat fills the room. Repetition on repetition, frequency and tone, key in maintaining the moment. Syncopated change fluctuates the air and the colours swirl once more,…Continue reading In the head space

The plane

The sky slowly darkens as the sun dips behind the clouds and the windows of the plane slide to grey. Whisps of air stream past, chasing droplets across the glass, helter skelter as the plane starts to descend. The light changes, melting from the dazzling brilliance of moments ago to the dull artificial glow that…Continue reading The plane