Mixed Fruit

I do feel a little guilty doing this kind of post for the second time in as many days but.. well.. see the previous post as to why. So let’s start with, and you knew it would be this way, the recent Apple ‘event’ (product launch). If that doesn’t interest you, skip the next paragraph…Continue reading Mixed Fruit


Yes, still sniffling, but the worst has passed. In some ways this cold/man-flu has been a pain in the ass, in other ways it’s been helpful. Ohhh who am I kidding… I was going to say that it’s helped me realise how much I’ve been enjoying my jogging, and that it’s given me time to…Continue reading Uneventful

Out with the old

Apparently, this site is one of 14.4 million other similar sites. Presumably, and I’m certain someone far smart than me will be able to formulate this better, of those 14.4 million, only a portion of them can be directly compared to this site. Of that portion, there will be other factors that will set my…Continue reading Out with the old


Bassett’s Fruit Allsorts are top. Want one?.. ohh sorry, I appear to have eaten them all. My Gran (85?) uses phone banking. Ryder Cup heading destined for Europe?

Radar O'Reilly

Transit of Venus, dying young, iTunes Music Store Europe? And can anyone explain to me why spiders turn upside down when they die (of natural causes, not by being stood on obviously…). Do they, in their death throes suddenly leap onto their backs and curl up?

All quiet

Working at home has it’s advantages. I get oodles more done as there are no interruptions, impromptu meetings or random co-worker distractions (I’m as good/bad as anyone at all providing all of these mind you). Yet home working is still viewed with some scepticism. Sure it means you can structure your day differently than a…Continue reading All quiet


Privacy International Media Release about the Snoopers Charter. The what? you ask. Well whilst the government was keeping us all occupied with the ID Card proposal, it was pushing a new law through the House of Lords. This law will allow “The data — relating to who you phoned, who phoned you, mobile phone location,…Continue reading Snoopy