Highs and Lows

Well that was a pretty, damn epic weekend. Friday night involved mulled cider, lipstick on boobs, and other nefarious goings on including realising it was time to go to bed because daylight was returning. It was one of those unexpectedly good evenings of making new friends, and probably involved a little more whisky than was…Continue reading Highs and Lows

Bad bad bad

The other day, as I was off work with a bad back, I found myself on the sofa aimlessly surfing the channels for something to distract me. I must have channel hopped for about 20 minutes before I realised it was approaching the hour and there might be a movie starting on one of the…Continue reading Bad bad bad

A thank you

My parents did an excellent job in bringing me up. Putting aside the fact that I have to say that because they both read this blog, I do truly believe that. They taught me manners and how to have an open mind, two things I value very very highly. It is with the former in…Continue reading A thank you

Simple Technology

Note: This has been sitting around in my drafts for ages, I consider it unfinished but that’s never stopped me from posting something before… A while ago Adrian mused (lusted?) over Apple TV sets and in the comment to that post, he rightly states that “Technology should serve it’s purpose and technology should be as…Continue reading Simple Technology

Why you no redesign?

Apologies for the recent spate of grammatically incorrect post titles, for some reason my brain keeps uttering them in a foreign-tinted accent, ya know mon? Most unsettling really, and personally I blame … umm … someone else (obviously, it’s not MY fault). However, the question remains, I had planned to redesign this little corner of…Continue reading Why you no redesign?

DVD Question

Having recorded the TV Series of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy recently, and burned it onto DVD, I’d now like to make a copy of that DVD to give to a friend. How do I do this easily? DVD Shrink?

DVD Meme

Lyle “tagged” me – what is with that anyway, so very American is it not? “Tag you’re it” I played TIG when I was a child, tee eye gee TIG! – so you get the joy of another meme. I have a love hate relationship with this. Love them cause the good ones can be…Continue reading DVD Meme