I’m getting too old for the kind of gig I was at last night. Too old to be on the main floor, arms raised, head back, jumping up and down in the midst of a writhing, sweary, ecstatic group of people all determined to give Faithless a little bit of payback for all the fun…Continue reading Faithless


The main focus of the past weekend was the engagement party for my sister and her fiancé, and if I’m not mistaken it went without a hitch. It was a self-catered affair in a local bowling green (cheap booze!), the DJ was good, everyone seemed to have a good time and there are rumours that…Continue reading Weekender

Vice Versa

“There is a light that never goes out” Morrissey sings into my head. I work on, aware that the tune was familiar, from somewhere else? (I don’t listen to The Smiths that often, did they do cover versions??). I paused to listen to the lyrics. VERY familiar. Where had I heard it before? Somewhere. Faster…Continue reading Vice Versa


Ghostwritten by David Mitchell. A quick search confirms some basic facts about this book, including the oft repeated fact that it is an astonishing debut. Written in the style of a series of short stories that share a common thread the writing style never seems forced and flows from tense set pieces to languid descriptive…Continue reading GhostWritten

God is a DJ

Doors open at 7.30 says the ticket. So I’ll be there at 7.30 then. Prompt. I always make sure I catch the support act, sometimes they’re crap, sometimes they’re great and sometimes you strike it lucky. Like tonight for instance. Faithless may be headlining but I’m almost as excited that Mylo is the support. Alas…Continue reading God is a DJ

DJ is 10Go say Happy Birthday. It’s odd, never met him, nor his Mum, but having read about him for the last coupla years it seems right to celebrate a little. Not a lot, it’s not like I think I’m a member of the family or anything, hell I rarely comment over there, but that’s…Continue reading

Disco InfernoIf, like me, you are a naturally talented mover, you won’t need this website, but it may be useful to those of you who are, let’s say, rhythmically challenged… How to Dance Properly (and not a foxtrot in sight!) Company Xmas night flashback: Does anyone else know how to do the hand-jive properly? Or…Continue reading