DIY Time?

Hellooooo Oooo ooo Blimey, isn’t the house big when you take down all the tat Christmas decorations. As ever, with the house returned to a semblance of order (ohh I do like a bit of order) thoughts turn to DIY. Namely the funny patches of paint just inside the living room door where we’ve daubed…Continue reading DIY Time?

Harissa Paste

Picture the scene, if you will, of a dashing and debonair young man, slim of body with flowing locks of blonde hair framing his sculptured face as he lounges gracefully on a chaise lounge. Soft music plays in the background, whilst the delicate fragrances of dinner waft from the kitchen. A tranquil scene I’m sure…Continue reading Harissa Paste


My life has been littered with decisions over the past week or so. None particularly major but each crucial in a small way. The decision with the biggest impact is definitely whether I should pay the electricity bill, or purchase the Mac OSX upgrade. OK, not really a decision… (yes I’ll pay the bill… meh).…Continue reading Decisions

Am I back?

Or is I front? Looks like a small blip on the server this morning, so if you were rendered aghast at the rather unsightly WordPress error page you received this morning (must do something about that), fear not. I is still here. Prostitutes are in the news, and for all the wrong reasons. In saying…Continue reading Am I back?