Black Swan Green

Black Swan Green Another holiday book, by a favourite author, and it’s as every bit as good as his previous novels, whilst remaining (like the others) completely different to anything he’s written before. In the book, you spend just over a year with a 13 year old boy called Jason as he plots his way…Continue reading Black Swan Green

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell The third of David Mitchell’s books that I’ve read and again it’s different from the last one. The book is split across several different interlinking stories, cleverly worked together to ensure that, whether you are reading a story within a story, reading a myth recanted, or reading the mis-adventures of…Continue reading Cloud Atlas


Ghostwritten by David Mitchell. A quick search confirms some basic facts about this book, including the oft repeated fact that it is an astonishing debut. Written in the style of a series of short stories that share a common thread the writing style never seems forced and flows from tense set pieces to languid descriptive…Continue reading GhostWritten

This Site

1. OK OK OK !!! I won’t redesign. I’ll content myself with restyling instead. Difference? Re-design includes re-architecturing the layout and underlying HTML code. Re-styling only applies to the elements controlled by CSS which may include changing the position of things but is less invasive. 2. The Site Feed was broken. It was St. Patrick’s…Continue reading This Site


Updated my Amazon wishlist to REMOVE two books. I’m marking this auspicious occasion with a post as I normally just add things to it. So if you have recently bought either of the following for me, sorry but you’ll have to take it back: Oxygen by Andrew Miller and Number9dream by David Mitchell. They get…Continue reading Books