And then… nothing

All quiet on the house front unfortunately. But I have been able to crack on with some website work and as always it’s great when the client is accomodating, helpful and all round just a nice guy. Say hi to (then go buy one of his books!). I’m also adding some functionality for a…Continue reading And then… nothing

Feeling bookish

My new job is taking a lot of my time, and as it’s kick started my dormant professionalism, it’s also sapping my book reading time as well. Coupled with that I do seem to be on a non-fiction bent of late, I’m part way through “Make it Stick” and have just ordered some books with…Continue reading Feeling bookish

Quiet Sympathy

Bit wet ain’t it. Cats and Dogs and all that. Somewhere in the hazy depths of my memory I seem to recall that I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t coincide with the visit from the plumber, who’s coming to investigate the dripping noises coming under the floorboards in the bedroom (I’ll be…Continue reading Quiet Sympathy