Still busy

I know it’s still October (just) but I just wanted to say that I’m looking forward to Christmas this year, largely because it’ll be a holiday. The sale of the house is complete, debts have been paid off, and all that is left for me is to change the address on my driver’s license, join…Continue reading Still busy

Good company

As Christmas approaches I slowly start to get into the spirit of things, literally and figuratively, with the start of the usual round of nights out, last minute shopping, and the frantic wrapping of that present that I bought back in August but completely forgot about and only discovered when I tried to hide a…Continue reading Good company

12 days after?

Apparently decorations are supposed to stay up until 12 days after Christmas. Balls to that, this site will revert to a more subdued hue tomorrow. Similarly we’ve taken down our decorations. Back to the grind it seems. But not before repairing the broken garden fence which we received as a new year present (at about…Continue reading 12 days after?


It simply cannot be almost 2007. I refuse! Turn back the clocks, rewind the days, reset the weeks and recall the months. I DEMAND A RECOUNT! What a year it’s been. Good and bad. Mainly good. I WAS gonna do a list of lists type post but, frankly m’dears I cannae be arsed. I’ve been…Continue reading STOP THE BUS!

Slip slidin' away

Blimey, where HAS this year gone? More specifically, what the hell happened to December? And more specifically still, why am I so busy over the next couple of weeks considering I finish work tomorrow! A brief pause then whilst I consider what I need to get done… and what I should’ve done already. First up…Continue reading Slip slidin' away