Well done Canada and Spain. ~ That other site I run has just hit a landmark, 300 members. Wow. It’s been a fun couple of years and I’m hoping the next couple will be even better (irons in fire, etc etc). ~ Now, I have to admit I feel slightly guilty* when I go on…Continue reading Snippets

Victoria Day in Canada

You know what they say, learn something new everyday. Victoria Day is normally celebrated on May 24th, but this year it’s today. Happy Birthday you ole dead Queen you…

Greener Grass

Sun is shining (weather is sweet), makes you wanna move your dancin’ feet! Was musing to a friend that since I returned from San Francisco, I’m questioning why I would want to stay in Scotland. We had things MUCH better when we stayed down south (financially, socially, weatherly) but why limit it to England. America,…Continue reading Greener Grass