Hazy Memories

Blackfriars, Cafe Mao (for food, again!), Del Monica’s to catch up with everyone else even though they weren’t there, Polo Lounge then Arte. A few Guinness (one for Peter), some Miller, Carlsberg, Southern Comfort… ooyyyyy. At least there were no champagne cocktails this time. Ohh and of course I pulled, in the Polo Lounge. He…Continue reading Hazy Memories


I love Guinness, not mad keen on the after effects of 10 pints of the stuff mind you. Twas a good night last night, a couple of drinks after work ended up being several with Louise joining me in Glasgow and our mate Stuart coming out to play as well. A few beers, some Nasi…Continue reading Thunk

What I meant to say …

Blackfriars, Babbity Bowsers, Cafe Mao, Metropolitan, Corinthian (slouch bar). Guinness, Guinness, Indonesian Tiger Prawns, champagne cocktails, Budvar. 4.30pm to 3.00am. Top night. Including the story about having to measure Kylie’s bum.


You know, flooring the throttle and pulling out across me two lanes in front of me is scary enough. More so when it’s a minibus full of kids. Don’t make things worse by tailgating me to the end of the road. Asshole. Shouldn’t there be speed/acceleration limiters on minibuses? Anyway… Friday Five 1. What is…Continue reading Grrrrrrrr