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I always complain that I don’t read books often enough. This is proof.


Ohhh and forgot to say. Finished reading American Tabloid. Very very good book. It gripped me without me realising it, and a late stint last night finished it off. Always a sign, for me anyway, of a good book. One you literally can’t put down.

If you enjoy American conspiracies, Mafia stories, FBI/CIA coverups, and JFK, or anything to do with that Hoover dominated time, I thoroughly recommend it. In fact even if you don’t know that much about that period of American history I would still recommend it, more so in fact, as you’ll never be really sure how much of it is fiction.


Updated my Amazon wishlist to REMOVE two books. I’m marking this auspicious occasion with a post as I normally just add things to it.

So if you have recently bought either of the following for me, sorry but you’ll have to take it back: Oxygen by Andrew Miller and Number9dream by David Mitchell.

They get added to the pile of 22 books I’ve still to read…

Miss Smilla

Customer Reviews: Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow. Finished it last night. Engagingly written, engrossing and even paced. Difficult to categorise this, thriller in parts, commentary in others, metaphoric for the most (I think). I couldn’t help but think that I was missing something through the translation, that some of the language doesn’t come across as well as it could. It’s a strange feeling of slight distance, and the only thing the I found troublesome about this.

I would highly recommend this book, and will soon be passing it on to family and friends.

Still not sure about the ending though…


Don DeLillo’s Bum Luck – interesting article. I’ve still to finish Underworld, it’s one of those books I pick up and put down every couple of weeks, and I’ve probably spent more time re-reading it than anything else. Wonder if Caterina has read it…?