And then… nothing

All quiet on the house front unfortunately. But I have been able to crack on with some website work and as always it’s great when the client is accomodating, helpful and all round just a nice guy. Say hi to (then go buy one of his books!). I’m also adding some functionality for a…Continue reading And then… nothing

Words and books

I’m blaming Stephen Fry. I tried, I really did try and read his autobiography but it just didn’t flow for me. As wonderful a wordsmith as he is, it just didn’t read well, the flow and cadence was wrong and I found myself slowing down to read things in his voice. Whilst I like Stephen…Continue reading Words and books

One Minute

My current role is changing a bit, with some additional responsibilities being added, specifically around line management. As such, I’ve been reading The One Minute Manager and have to admit it’s given me a lot to think about. The basic principles are to instill any team members or staff with a simple structure in which…Continue reading One Minute

The latest thing

I’m terribly guilty of starting things but never finishing them, and Tuesday prompted me into action once more. With all the best will in the world I just know that I’ll use the Goodreads website avidly for a few weeks and then my interest will be grabbed by someth… ohh shiny!! I am an online,…Continue reading The latest thing

Book Lull

Teetering tall and shamed, the pile remains dust covered and untouched. A reminder of best efforts and failed endeavours, a totem of willing words, waiting to be uncovered. And my parents added another two books to the top of it last week. Gah!! I dare not count them for, not only would the number be…Continue reading Book Lull