Thoughts on TCUK10

Flying back on Thursday evening I pondered the sessions I’d attended, the things I’d learned and the lessons and ideas I was taking home with me and one thing was missing. A central theme. Now, admittedly by accident, the 2009 conference appeared to be centred around “conversation”. Whether it was a direct with the users,…Continue reading Thoughts on TCUK10

I be done thunking

I’m not a big thinker. I’m a big planner and ponderer but largely, when it comes to thinking, I tend to avoid it at all costs. As such, a lot of my decisions can seem quite rash to some people. I’ve certainly not spent much time pondering things like the purchasing of houses or cars,…Continue reading I be done thunking

No Kahuna

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were looking for a new way track our tasks. After checking out a few different applications and web applications, I think we have a solution. The problem we have is that, whilst the bulk of the work is scheduled against a project plan, there are a myriad…Continue reading No Kahuna


I am fated. It seems that I’m not allowed to read the Harry Potter books without having the endings, the “BIG SECRETS”, revealed to me before I’ve read the books. The previous book was spoiled by a friend who didn’t realise I hadn’t read it yet, she was mortified (bless) and I’m not allowed to…Continue reading Wizardly

Too much

I’ve had enough. So has Louise. We generally reach this point at the same time, which is quite handy, although if I’m honest I possibly reach it before she does, I just ignore it for longer (or maybe she does that too). Tonight the house is GETTING IT BIG TIME. I should probably explain what…Continue reading Too much

Bugger it

Plagarism is a form of flattery (even if I can’t be bothered creating three columns). THE BIG BROTHER BITBig Brother is getting a bit exciting. What? YES I watch it, get over it. I must admit that this series, whilst being considerably more watchable than last year’s snooze-fest, is beginning to border on .. well…Continue reading Bugger it

File Sharing

Kazaa Not Responsible for Swapping: “The makers of Kazaa, the world’s most popular computer file-sharing program, cannot be held liable for copyright infringement of music or movies swapped on its free software, the Dutch Supreme Court ruled Friday.” How did I miss this, surely this is BIG news?

HolidayI’m taking a holiday. Not next week but the one after, and I’ve already started to compile a list of things to-do. So far: Re-order my ‘blog list’ into UK and Other listings (not sure why but I’m a sucker for an ordered list) Re-organise some of our finances, namely get a new credit card…Continue reading


Bigger and better than Big Brother : blogwhore: the webgame. I’m hooked now, I was vaguely aware of it a few weeks back (when Christine mentioned it), and I’m slowly getting more and more addicted. Will Ernie prevail? (Hey you gotta root for someone). OK, so it’s not really bigger than Big Brother which, like…Continue reading Compulsive