On commenting

A couple of weeks ago I asked if everyone who visited my site would leave a comment, and quite a few of you did. Thanks to you all, even the cheeky ones who decided to buck the trend and email me. It was all quite overwhelming and lovely and.. well.. ta! I do appreciate you…Continue reading On commenting

I is not racist

Deary me. Such a silly little TV programme causing such a stir. Let me just mount my “I haven’t been watching it this time” high horse, and we can get started. Firstly I’ll state that I’m not interested in who said what, as my firm belief is that any kind of racist statement is a…Continue reading I is not racist


Louise hasn’t been too well the past couple of days, some sort of chest infection which has given her a fairly… hacking cough. Seems to be shifting though. It has caused an additional problem though, namely that she’s filling up the Sky+ box so she’s got stuff to watch during the day. Now, this wasn’t…Continue reading Backlogged

Falling behind

I am being very tardy with this here blog, my sincerest of apologisingness. There is a perfectly good excuse, I’m sure, but it’s probably more fun if you pick one yourself. I’d probably go with “too busy” but the problem with that is that, whilst it’s kinda true, I’ve not been THAT busy. Anyhoo. I…Continue reading Falling behind

4 0 8

Three numbers. Two of them feature in Lost. I’ve not watched any of the new series. Yet. 4 is the smallest number of colours sufficient to colour all planar maps. It is also the smallest composite number. 0 is the additive identity. It also sparked philosophical debate amongst the Greeks a long time ago (the…Continue reading 4 0 8

New, old, sleeping

A couple of new blogs (links on the right in the ‘overflow’) to play with. The Big Brother one might be interesting, and Unreliable Witness already has shimmers of possibility. The update to WordPress and the activation of … er.. one of the spam plugins seems to have done the job. Well worth it. And…Continue reading New, old, sleeping

She sells…

“And now for something completely different”. Sex. Well sexual imagery at least, we were sitting chatting a few weekends ago, and ended up putting on some music channel for some background noise as we chatted – younger generation today, must have noise!! – a plug for the channel came on screen and each snippet was…Continue reading She sells…

Well Read

Today is World Book Day. In honour of this day, celebrating all that is good in the world of our paper based cousins (blogs and books, same family, different parents), I present to you my list of unread books and invite you to tell me which one I should read next. Should it be one…Continue reading Well Read