How on EARTH did I not know about this one?? If you’re in Firefox and you click on a link with [the] … wheel [of your] mouse it will open a link in the background in another tab. No more holding down the CTRL key or let alone right mouse clicking and hitting “open in…Continue reading Firefox

Looking back

Being a good writer, a good communicator, is a skill. Being able to form sentences and paragraphs, structure a topic so it flows well and makes sense are not the only skills required to being a good writer. Neither are good grammar or spelling, although they are generally the first things people notice and so,…Continue reading Looking back

In a rut

So much to talk about, so little inclination. Live 8 – the vitriol surrounding these concerts astounds me. Is it ideal? No. Is it part of a greater scheme that actually seems to be working? Yes. Sir Bob was on Jonathon Ross at the weekend, Jonathon asked him “why have the G8 countries done nothing?”,…Continue reading In a rut


Finally thoughts turn to summer as the sunshine holds and whilst it’s still a few weeks away the holiday is already beckoning. Of course there are some priorities to sort out, namely which books to take and what music to fill the iPod with. I’m driving down to Torquay on my own, Louise, her sister…Continue reading Summer