Loch Lomond was fun. Beached the boat on Inchconnachan, had a few drinks, a BBQ, and then spent the best part of 30 minutes trying to get the damn thing back off the beach… If you have ever tried getting onto the front of a boat you’ll understand our quandary. Been a while since we…Continue reading Survived

Weekend looms

Tomorrow: Head to Loch Lomond for a ‘wee jaunt’ on my friends boat. Then back to his house for a BBQ. Hangover expected on… Sunday: drive to Edinburgh airport to pickup sister-in-law and two of her kids. She’s leaving the other two in Spain (with her parents). Then dinner at brother-in-laws (possibly). And still got…Continue reading Weekend looms

Almost the weekendAnd just to confirm the fact, the wind has gotten up and it has started raining again. Perfectly timed for the BBQ tonight.Oh well, at least the beer will be cold.

Very Good TV

24 A stunning, fresh, fast paced [insert further numerous plaudits here] piece of television. So engrossing* that Louise and I stayed up all night on Saturday and watched it in one go. We started at 6:30pm and finished watching at about 11 a.m the next morning**. It is that good. If you didn’t catch it,…Continue reading Very Good TV

Hicky Burpday

Happy Birthday Stuart!! Gosh you ARE getting old aren’t you… đŸ˜‰ So far so Saturday. Bit of shopping/exploring in Costco (Do we REALLY need 20lbs of mince? Or a tray of 20 Danish pastries…?). Home to potter about the house, and start thinking about, possibly, a BBQ tomorrow. Ohh must remember and actually build the…Continue reading Hicky Burpday

Not Gordy!

speakeasy. Great now I’m hungry, mildly horny (Daisy Fuentes… rrraaarrrrrrrrr), and yet another person has started calling me Gordy. I can fix the first two but the third one is gonna take a carefully crafted email, you know the type, the one that, when you open it, is like a big smack upside the head!…Continue reading Not Gordy!


rabbit rabbit I remembered! (OK ok, so the email reminder I got helped…). Sad news over the weekend. Had a scary drive in a Ferrari on Sunday. BBQ on Saturday (once the BBQ had been built) was good, the Ouzo wasn’t… Yeuch!. And I’m working today. On the Bank Holiday. Pah…

Passing on

Queen Mother dies R.I.P. Kinda takes the edge off a very drunken BBQ. But in a good way, sort of, if you know what I mean.

Had to be there?

little.yellow.different. Yes I think you did have to be there. I shouldn’t criticise as I’m sure I will be reporting on similar moments after the BBQ at the weekend…


Tales from the booze cupboard A friend is having a BBQ soon, we’ve got lots of booze left over from Xmas. We did say we would make up a punch. But which one? Hmm what else have we got… Duh de de de dee de de de, duh de de de dee de de de…Continue reading Hic