Sun is shining

Amazing the difference the weather makes. A couple of sunny days and suddenly the world is a lighter place and everyone is happy, friendly and a little bit pink. At one point on Saturday, as I sat and perused the conveyor belt at Yo Sushi!, I realised I had a big loony grin on my…Continue reading Sun is shining


One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four. Poor little Gordon, sprawling on the floor… OK, not quite, but it was certainly the theme of the weekend. Friday night saw me out with some ex-colleagues. I hesitate to call them that as they are really more friends, or certainly acquaintances, than just a bunch of people…Continue reading Tequila


Friday night. Games night at work, with a Wiimbledon tournament running on one wall (using the overhead projector) and a Pro Evolution Soccer tournament running on one of the small LCD tvs.. a third TV had an XBox hooked up for various games, and a second Wii was chopping and changing another set of games.…Continue reading Weekender

Once upon a weekend

Washed car. Chopped down small tree. Sun came out. Chopped down some bamboo. Dug over sideborder. Parents visited. BBQ. Went for run. Hot. Legs still tired. Cut grass. Cleared out garage. Went to dump. Watched football. More BBQ. Scottish Blogs stuff. Design skills ‘stuck’, still. Slept like log. More later.

Value for money

I wonder if Dire Straits would have been as famous if they had called their song that… Value for money, and the chicks are free… and entirely different proposition. Thanks to all for some wonderful suggestions on how to spend &10. Ohh and I see some people have posted similar on their website, have I…Continue reading Value for money

Satin and Lace

Whilst I’ll resist the temptation for name calling (in case it’s a genuine interest and not a perversion) someone is taking some interest in the lingerie aspect of my BBQ recap. First she asks: “You could at least tell us the results of the lingerie survey. Inquiring minds want to know”. And then upon being…Continue reading Satin and Lace

It makes me happy

Cripes I almost forgot to mention the BBQ on Saturday. What to say, what to say. Well for one the weather did it’s best to help, only a light drizzle later in the afternoon, by which time we were too sozzled to care, the food was fab as ever, I had a lovely big tuna…Continue reading It makes me happy


Back to work today, even the weather has come out in sympathy. I know it’s only Wednesday and I’m trying NOT to focus on the weekend already, honest, but sometimes you get a sign and wonder why you bother fighting it. On Saturday we’re at our first BBQ of the year. This is becoming somewhat…Continue reading Odecohol