Olympic PMA

The Olympics are over, and whilst we wait for the Paralympics to start, I think it’s fair to say that the Olympics were a much bigger event than I realised. I’m sure the successes of Team GB contributed but even without that, the coverage by the BBC, and the overall feeling of euphoria and pride…Continue reading Olympic PMA


Random thoughts of a Sunday morning. And yes, I’m sitting waiting to get through to buy my ticket for Glastonbury next year. No, the website won’t load, yes the phone line is constantly engaged. You know you are bad at packing when you have several open ‘I’ll-just-take-them-in-the-car’ boxes. Anyone else on WordPress seeing a lot…Continue reading Miscellany

Clock watching

I woke at… well… I think it was about 6.30am on Sunday. I went downstairs, fed the cat, put some coffee on and made some breakfast before settling down to watch the Australian Grand Prix coverage. I was recording it because it started at 6 am, not a time I usually see on a Sunday…Continue reading Clock watching

Jumping Twitter?

I’ve been Twittering for almost two years now and after being an early adopter who quickly turned naysayer, it’s now proving to be useful in a myriad of subtle and different ways. It alerts me to breaking news (I heard of the Hudson River crash before anything featured on the BBC News website), provides movie,…Continue reading Jumping Twitter?


Why do normal people get tattoos? – asks the BBC News Magazine. To which my response would be “define normal”. Anyway, I’ve discussed mine here before and the last line of the post is still right: “My tattoos say, I’m not what you think I am.”

Terror! Inept?

Some brief thoughts that sparked through my head after the “terror” attack on Glasgow Airport. 1. Glasgow, my home city. All of a sudden it’s close to home. Doubly so as I drive right past the runway every day on my way to work every day. 2. Glasgow, isn’t a capital city, why didn’t they…Continue reading Terror! Inept?

Human Nature

There is a vague thought tickling the back of my brain, all prompted from spending some time driving around in our new car. No, it’s not about the car, nor about driving, at least not directly. It’s roughly centred around our natural competitive nature, and the weird effect that sitting behind the wheel of a…Continue reading Human Nature