Bank Holiday, still no sign of my pay. Feckers. Still other events are bringing context and focus. My Gran fell last night, had to kick in the front door to get to her and she is now in hospital. Everything else is hidden behind a barrier of grey, smudged and blurry like the sky outside.…Continue reading Dreich

Monday Fair

It’s the Glasgow Fair today, in other words it’s a Glasgow Bank Holiday. I don’t get bank holidays though but having slept in for work (!!) I’m going to work at home. As for WHY I slept in… well Louise is off all week, and I guessed we both just flaked out and slept through…Continue reading Monday Fair

Fucked off

I’m sitting in work, the sun is shining outside. It’s a Bank Holiday and most of the country is on holiday today and tomorrow. And I’m having a crap day. No details, but you’d think the word management would imply certain things. Obviously it doesn’t. Don’t ya just love this new age of communication?


rabbit rabbit I remembered! (OK ok, so the email reminder I got helped…). Sad news over the weekend. Had a scary drive in a Ferrari on Sunday. BBQ on Saturday (once the BBQ had been built) was good, the Ouzo wasn’t… Yeuch!. And I’m working today. On the Bank Holiday. Pah…


BBQ Friday was fun. One of those nights when you look at your watch and think, “hmmm 11pm maybe just another couple of drinks”, and then 10 mins later look at your watch and all of a sudden it’s 3am. Would have been quite happy to let the night go on. Saturday – drinks in…Continue reading Weekender