Back on the bike

April? APRIL! What the… How does this happen?! Anyway, life continues apace (it seems). Holidays are being booked, cars being pondered, and still in the background a website remains unfinished. Must. Get. It. Done. Weight continues to fluctuate, the last two weeks I’ve been ill (again) and as the course of antibiotics finishes I’m getting…Continue reading Back on the bike

comment moderation

I’m having some issues with comments being moderated. I’ve got WordPress set to allow immediate publishing of comments for people who fill in their name and email, and who have had a comment previously approved. The latter option doesn’t seem to be working though, hence the delay in some of your comments appearing on the…Continue reading comment moderation

Busy busy busy“Chop chop, busy busy, work work, bang bang”* We have more projects than people and I am pretty much flat out (except for the 60 secs it takes to type this thought) and despite all the stuff I need to get done ASAP, I’m bored. Mind you I have found a little rip…Continue reading

Linkeroo – if Jesus was alive… LOL Joe takes A Stand Against Pop-under ads! (ASAP). And Leia lets us peek at her breasts – but please go back to see the new design (coming soon!). Ohhh and while we are at it… chatter & speechtherapy are still high on the ‘required reading’ list (although I…Continue reading Linkeroo