What not to do

Working in a team that isn’t heavily invested in documenting requirements and specifications (we usually have a starting set of such things but these soon fall out of step as development evolves) makes it a challenge to know both what is being added to the product and whether it needs to be documented. The development…Continue reading What not to do

Always learning

Next week the first of two new recruits joins our team. Both are graduates and whilst neither graduated from a Technical Writing based course they both have a good mix of skills, coming to the position through different routes. It’ll be a challenge for them, and a challenge for us, to integrate them to the…Continue reading Always learning

What do you write?

Most of my experience is based around software documentation. Whilst there are several levels to this, from task oriented User Guides through to highly technical API/SDK documentation, they tend to follow similar patterns making it easy for me to take my experience and apply it to new challenges. I’ve also been involved in writing up…Continue reading What do you write?

linkedin API

LinkedIn API “Opportunity” – sounds useful but hope it doesn’t go the way of other sites with a multitude of useless add-ons. LinkedIn needs to remember that professionals want a professional product. That’s why I’ve dumped Facebook, too much dross!

AA GillAnother day, another wonderful quote at hydragenic. This is the power of ‘blogs’. On the strength of Stuarts references I have ordered AA Gill’s book “AA Gill is Away”, and I have registered at The Times website (where AA Gill writes a column).The main point here is not a simple recommendation of a book,…Continue reading