Well a second game of 5-a-side has been survived. With no cramps, just a bit of a niggle from Tuesday but I can live with that. Firstly, thanks to all for your suggestions, I was aware of most of them but the potassium and calcium ones were new. Anyway, I had a packet of salt…Continue reading Survived

Hum this

Harmonising Horses. Why? Why not I say! (click a horse to start) (via Ann Marie – who needs to get a website!)

Lorem Ipsum

I knew most of this, but it’s always good to find everything you’ve picked up about something (over a few years) confirmed in one place. Lorem Ipsum. “There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain….” Also includes a Lorem Ipsum generator,…Continue reading Lorem Ipsum

World Summit

I’ve been following the coverage of this sporadically, but it doesn’t seem to be going too well at the moment. According to BBC News: Crisis looms over world summit. The US Bush Administration is, once again, looking for a way to get away with doing what they like. The arrogance of this attitude angers many,…Continue reading World Summit