Too early

I AM WITHOUT LIE-IN, AND I AM ANNOYED! It’s really not fair you know, the least we could get is a warming or quiet word to let us know it’s gonna happen but noooooooooooooo. One day I’m perfectly able to sleep until 10am on a Saturday morning, the next and I’m lucky if it’s 8am.…Continue reading Too early

Being prepared

It is most definitely Monday. Let me rewind the opening part of my morning for you, to offer you proof that it is most definitely Monday. ~ wibblywobbly wibblywobbly wibblywobbly ~ I’m lying in bed and somewhere in the distance, through the murk of a lie-in I hear the radio. Voices, a rabble, some music,…Continue reading Being prepared


In January 2007 a website I designed was launched. The mission of the website was to highlight great writing on personal blogs; to draw attention to blogs that you might not have heard of before; and to point you to one absolute guaranteed humdinger of a blog post, once a week, every week. One year…Continue reading I AM A WINNER!

Morning World

Time moves on and these days I tend to watch Saturday Kitchen as opposed to Soccer AM (blame the new Soccer AM bloke, he’s rubbish). So whilst I sup on my coffee, Ken Hom is stirring up some Pork and Pineapple dish and I’m salivating. Anyway, today I’m doing a little research after an interesting…Continue reading Morning World

London Calling

On Friday the 15th of February I will be flying to London, I’m only there for a couple of days and I’ll be attending a birthday party on the Saturday night. That does mean that I have, at present, Friday night free. So, my London-based blogging friends, are you about? Fancy a social gathering? I’ll…Continue reading London Calling

Fresh Air

Despite not sleeping well last night I was up and out in the garden early. A little bit of digging, raking and planting, a trip to the skip and I was done. All in time for lunch. Then I did nothing. Literally, nothing. I just sat in our back garden for about thirty minutes, watched…Continue reading Fresh Air


Money for old rope? Or is it possible to blog full-time? Last year Jason Kottke tried it, couldn’t make it stick. Now John Gruber is heading down the same road. The reason I ask is that yesterday’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek post seems to have… well not quite enraged but definitely “irked” a few people somewhat. I…Continue reading Snippets