One for my Dad

Apparently I’ve not been blogging much. My Dad commented on this last night when I phoned so I thought I’d post a wee update for all my tens of avid readers. Not much is happening. I’m working. I have no internets. I will not have internets until November 23rd. In a royal cock up between…Continue reading One for my Dad

Happy, content

To borrow a phrase from a recent post of Tom’s (a very interesting post it is as well) I guess that the tagline for this site should really ALWAYS be “it’s like thinking in public”. I’ve been blogging for years, had a “homepage” before that and could bore you silly whilst trying to score silly…Continue reading Happy, content

Preacher Preacher

The one thing that always fascinates me about other people is that their opinions can be so wrong. Of course when I say wrong I mean ‘different from mine’ but it amounts to the same thing. I have fairly set opinions on most things, and absolutely no position on many others – either through lack…Continue reading Preacher Preacher


FINALLY. Many many MANY thanks to Adrian and Jann for their sage advice and time. I tried Jann’s advice first – as it was the simplest, namely adding <br style=”clear: both;” /> right before the closing DIV tag. Whaddya know, it worked straight away. I’m not sure which I’m more relieved about, the fact it…Continue reading IT WORKS!!!

Gig this

Suggested t-shirt from last night’s gig: I AM NOT A CORRIDOR Cos that’s just annoying, ain’t it? When it’s ALWAYS you that people are pushing past.


You know those words you can’t type properly, the ones you ALWAYS mis-spell. I have a couple, surprise not surpise, policy not policay, and business not bsiness (I’m sure I’ve many many more… ohh there’s another one – many not mahy). Anyway, I’m currently writing a manual dealing with bsiness business policay policy objects. It’s…Continue reading Mispelled