I am Apple

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve ditched my Windows PC and bought a MacBook Air so all my PC tech is now Apple. Am I a fanboy? Possibly. But for me it’s more about things working easily, and I’m not really into hacking stuff these days so the fact I can plugin an Airport Express…Continue reading I am Apple


I cannot be bothered with faff. This is one personality trait that has definitely changed as I’ve gotten older, or perhaps it’s just a reaction to the years I spent indulging my ‘gadget-geek’ and allowing myself to think that jumping through 5 hoops to get a simple task done was “OK”. My mindset these days…Continue reading Faff


I’m a planner. I plan. It’s what I do. I’ve always found planning and designing more fun than doing. I am the guy who can take multiple ideas and stream them into one thing. I am largely INTJ. I’m quite happy being that person. However it doesn’t sit well with the fact that I (largely)…Continue reading Planned


Out for a jog again last night, and the difference in pace within the group is starting to tell. A few of us ended up quite far out in front and ended up turning back… only to end up way out in front again. My new shoes are definitely making a difference though, not a…Continue reading Currently…

Airport Express

Finally!!! Considering the amount of hassle I’ve had trying to setup and configure my new Airport Express, I’ve jotted down some information which I hope may be of use to others. I may end up waffling my way through this so, if you want, skip straight to the summary. Firstly some notes on my setup…Continue reading Airport Express

Enough is enough

I’m in techie hell at the moment. This may descend into a bit of rant. Frankly I’m past caring… I received an AirportExpress for my birthday but, and here’s one in the eye for all Apple fanatics, it’s ridiculously hard to setup. Yes I’m running Windows XP but it SAYS on the box that the…Continue reading Enough is enough