This is not a plea for re-assurance, nor a cry for help. It IS a quick and easy post for which I make no apology whatsoever. Look, just humour me, ok? Yes… AGAIN. Why do you come here?

Not only..

My Gran was kept in hospital for the last couple of nights, precautionary measure as she’s doing fine. Not sure when she’ll get out though. Back from the doctor’s myself having had the stitches removed from my back, a little raw still but feels a lot better. And in a nice bit of juxtaposition, whilst…Continue reading Not only..


Toying with a re-design. Not sure why as I’ve done very little with this site for a while now, I think my interest has fizzled out for the time being. Also AGAIN toying with doing some more WinAmp skins, and keeping promising to finish some documentation for geoshell, but still not got around to it.…Continue reading Distracted

I am…

Personality Disorder Test (courtesy of accidental). Yes I have taken it: Disorder Rating Paranoid: High Schizoid: High Schizotypal: High Antisocial: High Borderline: Low Histrionic: Moderate Narcissistic: High Avoidant: High Dependent: Moderate Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate — Click Here To Take The Test — Shit – and here was me thinking I’d gotten myself sorted out – back…Continue reading I am…