It drives her nuts, and drives me nuts as well but I don’t know WHY I do it. I know why I pick my nails, it’s a mild form of self abuse etc etc but why oh why oh why do I bite my teeth together?? It’s completely unconscious, and happens at random. I’ll be,…Continue reading Habitual


Don’t you just hate that feeling of dread that develops in the pit of your stomach. You know the one, where you read something and think… “Oh no, I’ve forgotten!”. Thankfully it wasn’t Mother’s Day in the UK just in the States. Just as well as we had my parents for dinner last nght, now…Continue reading AARGH

Tops for Pops 2Day two over at Troubled Diva. My votes this time round are:1 – Eminem – Lose Yourself: Solid beats, clever lyrics, THIS is why Eminem is soo much more than the ‘bad boy’ of rap2 – Focus – Sylvia: Come on, anything with that much Hammond Organ MUST be a good thing.3…Continue reading

Friday Five

Friday Five 1. What’s the last vivid dream that you remember having? Last night, my first dream in ages. Was being interviewed for a job for a computer game company, and I had to complete the game to get the job. Anne Robinson was the interviewee and the game was Pitfall I think… 2. Do…Continue reading Friday Five