X-Men. See it.

Saturday night, Guinness, and a productive day behind us. Good day, in some respects, same old crap day in others. I wish life would let you have a day where it doesn’t have to remind you and kick you. Another quiet day in prospect tomorrow, then back to work. Same old, same old. Hassles still there, not fully resolved. God I wish it was 6 months from now, at present every time we begin to see daylight, someone dumps another pile of crap on us.

Double X

Tomorrow – 7pm, Odeon Springfield Quay. X-Men. I hope it lives up to the hype, mind you there hasn’t been THAT much hype, more a simmering desire.

I’m behind. No, not behind you, behind in my schedule… I need to start on Project X. Need to have another discussion with C about it first. Then I’ll need to plan it properly, then… sigh… add a few more hours to the day… hmmm it might need to go on hold until I get things sorted. That’s the thing about interesting discussions, they are always the first thing to start moving down the priority list.

Project X? Hell, I had to call it something.

Sugar and spice

Still to book cinema tickets, tried to phone S – will try again soon. And I’m too nice. And it’s going to stop.

Double S

Current state of mind: not too bad considering! S emailed us – moaning about how it was struggling to reach 13 degrees in Melbourne – bummer, it sometimes doesn’t reach 13 degrees here either – in the summer! She also asked if we had been to see S in Edinburgh, and no we haven’t, yes we feel guilty, and yes I will be phoning her tomorrow!

Ohhh and must book X-Men tickets for the preview on Thursday night (and better make sure A and S are available, don’t think A would be too happy if we went without him – he’s a proper fan, I only got into to it when I saw the animated cartoon on telly, but don’t tell anyone else that…).

I’m currently looking for an easy way to transfer a lot files between two PCs, I don’t want to have to setup a network or anything, just whack a cable between them – if you know how please drop me a line. I’m reasonably technical so don’t be too scared.

Lazing on

There’s SomeTHiNG nice about drinking in the afternoon. My cousin’s 18th birthday (not that she can actually be 18 already, that would make me… oh… dammit) a few beers in the afternoon, then a few beers later on. Relaxing day all around, much needed after Friday.

I’m at a bit of a crossroads, and will have to wait until Monday to see how things pan out. To be honest I could do without the hassle… oh well…


Interesting discussion the other night, we’ll see what comes of it.

Interesting discussion this morning, we’ll see what comes of it.

To clear a couple of things up – Alec Guinness had 8 characters, the re-design is still going, sleep patterns matter (although I’ve been ignoring them), and I HAVE been writing stuff for this site, they will be posted once the re-design has been done.

Toss a coin

Life decisions are never easy and I think the one that lays ahead will be a no-brainer, still got me thinking though.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere in (on?) this site that I admire people with courage and conviction and the right amount of carefree spirit. I’m not sure if I have it, to do what I really want, would probably mean sliding down the career scale (and more importantly the salary scale).


I’m not a huge gamer (as is evident by my pitiful attempts in deathmatch) but it is so much fun. Admittedly getting battered to death for the 5th time by someone with a crowbar can get a bit tedious, especially when you have a BIG gun, but it is addictive – an adrenalin buzz… suddenly I can see how people get addicted to these things. Rise of the Triads and DukeNukem were previous DeathMatch games, but I never really took to them.

The problem now – I will soon get hold of a gun, run down the street, probably naked, whooping and shooting innocent bystanders.

I’m joking of course, I wouldn’t need to shoot them if they saw me naked, probably drop dead in fright… either way my mind has been corrupted, I am now an evil killing machine. Yawn…

6 or 8?

I should really check, but I’m too darn lazy… did Alec Guinness have 6 or 8 characters in Kind Hearts and Coronets?

R.I.P. Sir Alec

Well we survived the weekend…just.

Not that we had the best start to Monday morning, Sir Alec Guinness is no longer with us. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. It is a true loss of a great character actor, and from all accounts, a great man. Oh and if you only know him from Star Wars – go and get some of his other films! Bridge over the River Kwai, The Ladykillers, Our Man in Havana and many more. His 6 roles in Kind Hearts and Coronets typefy his approach and mastering of charactering acting.

He will be missed.