Happy joy

Happy happy joy joy… working at home but not actually minding it as much as I thought I would. M:I2 last night, was OK. It has taken me until now to figure out what irked me about it. It felt constrained, like it was holding back. A time-bomb that never went off. Think the weekend…Continue reading Happy joy

State of mind

Conflicts arise and I’m too weary. I will take a stand and get things done my way. Looking forward to working at the weekend… Low low low – R.E.M.

First Post

My first blog – mind you for such a great idea, you think they would have thought up a less frumpy name! Now I’ve just got to figure out how to work the damn thing!


“No, not that one…hmmm that one’s OK…” It has to be different, I have to be different – but do I want to change me? Or others perception of me? Well that’s the easiest question I’ve asked so far! Dreaming of a genie, 3 wishes, teeth that don’t need brushed, weight that stays off, hair…Continue reading Different


Which is more important to you – your body or your mind? If you had the choice, how which would you sacrifice? Would you sacrifice your imagination, intelligence, sense of logic for the ability to walk down the street, to run along a beach, to climb the highest peak and admire the view? Bye bye…Continue reading Health


A myriad of disjoined thoughts, flittering about, lighting on reason and logic for the briefest of moments. Related illusions, bare facts, optimism, despair, hope, laughter. Life is odd at the moment, contradicting circumstances are beginning to reflect on each other, the negative affecting the positive. All the time my thoughts refuse to stay hidden, and…Continue reading Random


BAN FOXHUNTING!…but what about the dogs? We were watching Crufts on TV the other night <insert sarcastic comment here – I can’t be bothered thinking of one>, and they did a report on the impact a foxhunting ban would have on the hounds. It was very interesting, and made me stop and think, which is…Continue reading Foxhunt


It’s annoying sometimes, isn’t it – the way you want to do so much, but seem incapable of doing any of it. I annoy myself constantly, and catch myself frequently promising things I can’t deliver. Regular updates to this site for one! (but hey, I never promised that…did I?) It relates back to plans and…Continue reading Annoying