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Mostly an archive of my posts from – a blog I used to write when I worked in the Tech Comms industry

Professional Pride

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My official job title is Product Operations Manager. I’m still not quite sure what that means as the role is still fairly new to me, and to the company. My main day to day role is to help the team of Product Managers, Product Architects, Business Analysts and UX designers… Read more »

House of Cards: What can I learn?

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Fear not, I am a fan of House of Cards so there are no spoilers here, a fair spattering of melodrama perhaps but that’s all mine and, for what it’s worth, I quite enjoy it. I am easily affected. I take on traits, mannerisms and tropes with no real forethought… Read more »

If I wasn’t doing this

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What would I be doing? When people ask me, if you could do anything, what job would you do? Well, I tend to flippantly respond by saying that I’d be a Zookeeper. Part of me believes that. The part that loves animals, that finds them fascinating and would love to spend more… Read more »


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I’ve had insomnia on and off for years but in the last year or so it’s started to occur more frequently. I’m starting to figure it out though and it’s definitely work related. It seems that, during periods of high stress, my insomnia kicks in. Beyond that I’m a bit… Read more »

The Best Google Reader alternative

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It was only back in December that I pondered this but with the news that Google Reader is to shut down I find myself revisiting some of those choices. I still use Google Reader heavily, I consume it mostly through the website itself and via Reeder on my iPad, so it’s… Read more »

Everything Changes

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A new year, a fresh challenge. I’ve been working in the Technical Communications field my entire career. From those first days, stumbling my way around FrameMaker 4 with only a vague idea of what I should be doing (and largely using the FrameMaker User Guide as a sample of both… Read more »

Going Global

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One of the challenges the team will face this year is how to coordinate the creation of product documentation with geographically dispersed teams, across different product lines. At present we have engineering teams in Glasgow, Belfast, Limerick, Jakarta, Sunnyvale CA, and Bedford NH, building four products and maintaining five other legacy… Read more »


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The festive season is upon us, cards have been posted, presents have been bought, and in a couple of hours I’ll head home, leaving work behind until early January. 2012 has been an interesting year. We started the year with a challenge, one of making the information we produce ‘findable’…. Read more »