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Longer posts that I might actually have researched or at the very least I’ve thought about before posting.

The Hunt

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Ready, prepared, weapons in place, the fresh stench of aftershave fills the air, a clean shirt buttoned, wallet checked, protection an annoyance. On the bus, eyes everywhere, bodies chat and vodka laughs, the vehicle vibrates week long sexual energy, the weekend hunt is on. She with the warpaint camouflage, ready… Read more »

Write way forward

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This year I’ve deliberately kept to a schedule here on this blog. Tuesdays and Thursdays I post something, Saturdays are for the Weekend Reading compilations, so aside from monthly roundups, I’ve gotten into a routine of writing. That was the point, to make myself write more. Sometimes it’s a bit… Read more »

Mission to Mars

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My dearest loved ones, I’m writing to all of you in the hope that my words will bring some solace and help you adjust to what is about to happen. You all know how excited I was when they announced this project, you’ve all supported me and encouraged me to… Read more »

Beneath our feet

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Do you ever get one of those weird compulsions to do something that you would never do? Like wanting to jump in a river fully clothed, or eating an entire raw onion? It’s kinda hard to explain and most of the time I just ignore them but the other day… Read more »

The Teddy Bear

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As they round the corner the pier reaches out in to the early evening gloom before them, colourful lights glow and flash, calling them forward; a magical wonderland of pulsing stars, glistening in the dusk. As they get closer the noise starts to build, the cheery organ music from the… Read more »

The Tree

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I love mornings like this, the late winter chill fading away as the sun climbs lazily into the sky. I can feel the gentle dew on my extremities starting to warm, and the ground beneath me stirring into life. There is a gentle breeze playing over my naked branches and… Read more »

The old room

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His chair sits to one side of the bay window. The unloved leather is cracked, shiny dark patches worn smooth, seams barely holding on, tired with all the life it’s seen. Cold air creeps through the rotting window frame, tickling the rising pale curls of smoke as they fade into… Read more »

Found in song

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Walking in silence through the nest of headphone cables, dodging pigeons and detritus as she picks her way through the tangle of closed minds. She lets her ear guide her on days like today, days where she doesn’t need a place to hide away. She walks past shops whilst buses… Read more »

Only one

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“Ask yourself if you would do it if nobody would ever see it, you would never be compensated for it and nobody wanted it.” – Ernst Haas (via) There must be a reason I write. I write here, I write in a journal, I (don’t really at the moment) write… Read more »