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3 Star or bust

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Do you believe everything you read? Are you happy to take the opinion of the clearly ill-informed over those who weigh their words and provide evidence both for and against what they are offering? Don’t worry, this isn’t about Trump. I’ll admit that I like to have a sense of… Read more »

Evernote 8.0

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I ditched Evernote last year as it was bloated and new features were few and far between (unless you were using it in a business environment). The new version is a redesign and returns Evernote to what it was good at, holding and categorising rich data notes. Unfortunately the iOS… Read more »

My home is a mess

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The coffee machine has burbled into life, the aroma wafts temptingly from the kitchen. In the bedroom my sleep monitor suggests I need to wake up in the next ten minutes and the daylight bulb in the lamp starts to glow into life. A few minutes later a gentle birdsong… Read more »

Compiling Weekend Reading

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For those that are interested (OK,┬ábecause one person asked), this is my current workflow for how I capture the links/articles and how they make their way into the Weekend Reading posts. Background I used to do posts like this when I had a separate, professional, blog that focused on technical... Read more »

Todoist update

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Time flies when you are being all productive and shit – or something like that – anyway, I was revisiting some old blog posts recently and I spotted that it’s been a while since I mentioned the continued joy of using Todoist, in fact the last post was 17 months… Read more »

The Positive Limitations of iPad

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I’ve recently made the jump from laptop to tablet as my main ‘home computer’. It sounds dramatic but, for my usage, all this really boils down to is changing my modus operandi from a multi-window to single/duel window way of working. The transition has been pretty straightforward, largely thanks to… Read more »