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The Other Side

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Mental health issues can be violent, invasive and debilitating illnesses, chasing you around and demanding your full attention to the detriment of others. They can also be a gentle inhibitor, a subtle manipulator that sits quietly in the background influencing everything, all day, every day, even if we aren’t fully… Read more »

Less to say

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I’ve hit a strange point in my use of social media recently. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but I am definitely using it less. I don’t check Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram multiple times a day, and some days not at all, and as… Read more »

My own comfort

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Despite what I might try to insist, to myself and others, I prefer my own company to that of others. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy being with other people, those that I love, and those that I like enough to tolerate (I kid, I kid!) but when I’m… Read more »

I have a switch

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The switch doesn’t make a sound. From on to off and back again. Proximity is all that’s needed to tumble the switch and I am who you see. Then when the world retreats again I switch back. It’s more noticeable, to me at least, when I’m tired. The music choices… Read more »

Walking Home

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The bell finally rings and as one we rise, chairs scrabble across worn tiles as the dull intonation from the teacher behind her desk – take your time and remember to do your homework – bounces and echoes round the room with no ear willing to catch it. We all… Read more »

Fake it

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Fake it until you make it I feel fantastic. I’m great. I’m good. It’s a wonderful day. All good here. They are just words but they trip off my tongue easily these days, pavlovian responses to the standard office greeting “How are you?”. I glance outside at the blue sky,… Read more »