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On Meditating

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Picture the scene; A cloud strewn mountain, a clearing with a lone tree under which a monk sits crossed legged, hands raised with middle finger touching thumbs in a circle, possibly chanting. An ancient ritualistic image, a mystical person channelling his inner … summat or other. This is meditation. Picture… Read more »

My First Kiss

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The names have been changed to protect the innocent I was eleven when I had my first kiss. Eleven going on eight, as all boys are at that age, our childishness thrown into stark relief against the maturity of the girls in our class. Eleven going on sixteen as we… Read more »

Getting Help

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I’m not depressed. I’m not suicidal. I’m not unhappy. I just felt a bit stuck. So I’m getting some help and have been going to counselling the past few weeks. I’m not going into much/any detail here, that’s not what this post is about. This post is about me saying… Read more »

Tick Tock

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Tick tock I have a clock in every room. Apparently this is a bit weird, at least according to my colleagues at work. I’m not sure exactly when it became weird though; I don’t think it was mentioning the fact I have a clock in the living room, or the… Read more »

Decluttering Tyler

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I am not my job. I am not how much money I have in the bank. I am not the car I drive. I am not the contents of my wallet. I am not my fucking khakis. I am not the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world. (paraphrased from a… Read more »

The Other Side

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Mental health issues can be violent, invasive and debilitating illnesses, chasing you around and demanding your full attention to the detriment of others. They can also be a gentle inhibitor, a subtle manipulator that sits quietly in the background influencing everything, all day, every day, even if we aren’t fully… Read more »

My Own Christmas Carol

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It’s early December, and I’m helping my Dad get the boxes down from the attic. Christmas music is playing in the living room whilst Mum declutters the everyday ornaments to make room for decorations and festive bits and bobs. We unpack the familiar glitz and glitter and start to untangle… Read more »

Nosce te ipsum

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I hate myself. I just ‘verbed a noun’ and I can’t un-see it and now I’ll have to admit it and tell you that the original title for this post was ‘Do you journal?’ … I KNOW!! So there you go. Please don’t judge me (too harshly). (Who am I… Read more »