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Survived footie. Night out (company thing) in Stirling, should be fun, haven’t been drunk for ages!

I’ve downloaded NextStart in another step to finding a system I can use – very customisable, skinnable etc etc. Might even lead to me rekindle my interest in design software skins, but not until I’ve finished the website re-design…

The internet fiasco in the UK continues, my unmetered 24/7 access ends soon (end of month), and I’ll probably switch to BT’s evening and weekend deal. I’ve hunted about, but looks like I’m going to have to rely on the regulatory body to do SomeTHiNG!

Hewlett Packards current adverts over here make me laugh – a newspaper straight to your PC, presuming you can afford to have a permanent connection of course. Maybe the governments 1billion initiative will make a difference, just like their actions over the petrol dispute did…. hmmmm.


Finishing post in sight… maybe… the re-design deadline is the end of the month… LOL

So, anyone got any petrol? Scary stuff this, and beginning to get out of control, I’ve read a couple of reports of ambulances without petrol, not good.

On a lighter note – MSN Messenger has enabled me to have a quick ‘chat’ with a good friend in Oz. I knew I would find a good use for this technology (other than the illegal acquisition of software and music… kidding… emm, honest!).

I must start exercising, had a couple of weeks off and I just know that footie will be painful this week.

Weird Samba

Brazil. The film. Strange. Very, very strange. It’s age is obvious, but that aside it is entirely uninvolving. It’s not the most painful movie I’ve seen but more of a time-filler than anything. Ben-Hur is next on the list.

Quiet weekend. Half-Life practice soon. Then more time mucking about in DreamWeaver. Shouldn’t we be doing more? Yes, usual constraints are stopping us though… and once again we didn’t win the lottery. Sigh. 😉

Apathy is…

Sigh… apathy is a terrible terrible thing. I just don’t care. No not about you, I care about you.

Holiday required methinks, then again a change is as good as a holiday – what kinda change? Sigh.

Another thought – I really must start being more productive with this space. Mustn’t I? Actually hold on, no I don’t. This is mine, not yours. I can do whatever they hell I like!

Sigh… apathy sucks…



Re-design a go-go… well not really, but I’m gonna start from scratch – again!

Have started writing again as well, sort of… in my head I have a few ideas, will jot them down and flesh them out if I can. I’ve also started design of ANOTHER website for my professional side. I have loads of documents, links, files etc which I’ve always meant to put somewhere useful – this way I don’t need to worry about losing something from my PC. Working title – Appendix.

Whaddya think?


lazy, lazy sunday – hey I can hardly be bothered to punctuate this correctly. Website re-design falters again so I will start posting some recent writings… maybe…


Journey up was awful. Weather cleared when we got there, boat trip was nice, but disappointing, no dolpins. Cullodeon on the way back (sobering stuff), and a lovely drive back down. Sun is shining, the weather is sweet.

Much needed sleep, lie in and a lazy day. Roll on Saturday… ohh it’s Saturday already.


Tomorrow, tomorrow, … yeuch I hate that damn kid!

ANYWAY – I’m on holiday tomorrow, and Friday. Heading up to Inverness to try and see some dolphins.

Friday I’m hoping to get some time to finish of the redesign (i.e. the WHOLE of Friday if past efforts are anything to go by…).

Saturday/Sunday in Edinburgh… wander round IKEA pretending we’re going to buy lots of expensive things, maybe head into Edinburgh city centre and try and catch a few festival ‘things’. Then… damn better phone Sal…

OK Sal, 3:04 and you weren’t in. Dropped you an email, will phone again later.


Still really tired.. permanently – mind you I’ve got Thursday, Friday off work this week. Heading up to Inverness (for a suprise for Louise), and we might be heading through to Edinburgh at some point over the weekend.. hear that Sal? (BTW – how do you spell her name again?)

Had a good weekend. Bought a NEW car (brand new – 19 miles on clock), got TPM on video as well as The Third Man, Ben-Hur, and Brazil (at last). Now just have to find time to watch them. Also got Pearl Jam’s recent album, pretty good, bit samey though, although I don’t think I was in the right mood to listen to it.

Ohh and re-design hell continues. Maybe I should just concentrate on tweaking the current design. Hey it worked for Zeldman. Question: why does no-one call him Jeffrey?

Ohhh and have a look here, more (maybe) later.