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US of Corruption

Ahhh ANOTHER quiet weekend – really must start doing SomeTHiNG else than go visit parents, and potter about round the house. Mind you I did get some work done.

Missed the OJ Simpson documentary during the week, heard it was a real eye opener (the man was innocent apparently). Although as it focussed round the concept that the American authority had set him up, and were trying to cover things up.. well no suprise really. America – the land of hopes, dreams and corrupt authorities (children with guns, etc etc). Every time I think – you know I’d really like to visit the U.S. of A. I hear about SomeTHiNG like this and think… NAHHH.


When will I realise I’m an adult? Yesterday Zeldman gave us a link, but warned that it contained bad language and that we had better check with our parents before viewing it. I had the phone in my hand before I realised what I was doing:

“Hi Mum, it’s me – there’s this link on a site I want to look at, but it uses bad language and it said to check with your parents, soo… ummm.. can I look at it?”

“Well as your 26 I’m sure you’ll cope…”CLICK….bbrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Still it’s not such a bad state of mind.


Strange week – kinda floated through it. Accomplished most of what I meant to. Most, not all – I’ve really gone off the boil as far as the design aspect of this site is concerned (hey who said I was never on!). Still working at it.

No Zeldman to ease me into the day, no k10k to consume at lunchtime, and too slow a connection for various CoolStop Flash picks. Strange week.

Still I do feel refreshed and ready to go back to work with some vigour. Promotion aside (I’m a Manager now!) it’s time to step up my game and really push things. I can see the trouble spots but they will be handled when they arise. Onward and upward… just another couple of mornings in bed first though..

Mucho relaxo

I love this state of mind. It’s Wednesday and I’m not quite sure the date. It’s amazing how easily I’ve slipped out of work mode. I suppose sitting about doing nothing is helping though. Mucho relaxo. I’ll be working on the new design this afternoon, and would imagine it will be done for the end of the week. I’m also working on a skin for NextStart at the moment. Whistler style. Nothing new, but it fits my current WindowBlinds skin.

Excellent weekend BTW. A couple of drinks on Saturday – we are still deciding what will be our ‘local’ and the obvious choice is straight across the road – (I can see it if I lean back in my seat). Parents appeared with Sunday dinner (M&S food court stuff.. yummy!) and we nattered for ages. Excellent. Must do it more often.

October 29th is now etched in my brain. Seeing S and the baby (and A and the cat of course…).


Once again it is the other stories that capture the memory. Derek Redmond being helped to hobble to finish his heat, Muhammad Ali collecting his gold (again), and Eric the Eel. A man who had never swum 100 metres and had never seen a 50m pool. 16,000 people watched him ‘race’ and win his heat. The other two swimmers in his heat were disqualified for a false start, meaning all he had to do was complete the distance to go through. Brilliant, I was on the edge of my seat, yelling. Those are the moments that I remember about the Olympics.

Mind you a tear entered my eye when Mr.Redgrave made it 5 in 5.

Zeldman – new splash page, and clever background effect. Hmmmm, might have to change my new design.


Sore leg – no I mean really really sore. Knee in calf muscle sore. Limping heavily sore. Already phoned doctor sore (which, as Louise will testify, means it must be really really sore…).

Still I’m on holiday next week. No not going anywhere, but I am hoping to get the re-design finished. Mind you after all the hype I suspect it won’t live up to expectations! Mine included.

Five ring circus

Feeling decidely… different over the last couple of days. Difficult to put my finger on what it is though. Maybe I’m being inspired by the Olympics, all that achievement and glory.

Double Trouble

Happy Birthday to L – 21? Damn should’ve checked. All the best anyway, pressie will be waiting the next time you come up.


Happy Birthday to the Big Chuffer! I hope the coming year is as good as the last one.

Stirling was OK. Hungover. Still. Bummer. Mind you at least I didn’t run ‘over’ a car… tut tut tut… LOL.

Holiday in a week’s time. A week of no work. In fact probably a week of not much at all. Might try and do some exercise, and I’ll be making the most of the last few days of the 24/7 internet access. Hey, I might even get the re-design finished, and start on… ohhh what’s the point. I might do SomeTHiNG, I might not.

Open mouth, insert foot

Foot in mouth disease is a terrible thing. Thankfully this time it wasn’t me, but it’s always worrying when someone says SomeTHiNG without (obviously) thinking about it. Result – one upset person, one conversation and more than likely no improvement. We’ll see if any effect is filtered down to me, but it has been a long problem that is only gradually improving, no names, no pack-drill, but they should know better, and other people have mentioned it as well. Ahh the joys of office politics.

Was that cryptic enough? LOL

Progress at work, can’t say what yet though.

Re-design on going. Stirling tonight. Might finish the design, but this is highly dependant on my hangover…