lazy, lazy sunday – hey I can hardly be bothered to punctuate this correctly. Website re-design falters again so I will start posting some recent writings… maybe…


Journey up was awful. Weather cleared when we got there, boat trip was nice, but disappointing, no dolpins. Cullodeon on the way back (sobering stuff), and a lovely drive back down. Sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Much needed sleep, lie in and a lazy day. Roll on Saturday… ohh it’s Saturday already.


Tomorrow, tomorrow, … yeuch I hate that damn kid! ANYWAY – I’m on holiday tomorrow, and Friday. Heading up to Inverness to try and see some dolphins. Friday I’m hoping to get some time to finish of the redesign (i.e. the WHOLE of Friday if past efforts are anything to go by…). Saturday/Sunday in Edinburgh……Continue reading Weekender


Still really tired.. permanently – mind you I’ve got Thursday, Friday off work this week. Heading up to Inverness (for a suprise for Louise), and we might be heading through to Edinburgh at some point over the weekend.. hear that Sal? (BTW – how do you spell her name again?) Had a good weekend. Bought…Continue reading Megane

Bohemian Rhapsody

Nature commands your respect, especially when you are standing directly under a large thunderstorm. An afternoon stroll quickly turned into a drenching, accompanied by a strong wind, hail, huge drops of rain, fork and sheet lightning, thunder so loud it made you jump, and enough static electricity in the air to make strands of Louise’s…Continue reading Bohemian Rhapsody


X-Men. See it. Saturday night, Guinness, and a productive day behind us. Good day, in some respects, same old crap day in others. I wish life would let you have a day where it doesn’t have to remind you and kick you. Another quiet day in prospect tomorrow, then back to work. Same old, same…Continue reading X-Men

Double X

Tomorrow – 7pm, Odeon Springfield Quay. X-Men. I hope it lives up to the hype, mind you there hasn’t been THAT much hype, more a simmering desire. I’m behind. No, not behind you, behind in my schedule… I need to start on Project X. Need to have another discussion with C about it first. Then…Continue reading Double X