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Ocean's 11

Ocean’s 11 was very good – funny, clever, entertaining. All the cast members performed well without trying to outshine each other, which was very refreshing. Thoroughly recommended bit of light entertainment. It also prompted a discussion about who the female was in the original (my gut said Angie Dickinson – but was I right?). And of course I’ll be buying the soundtrack v.soon, loads of smooth jazzy numbers on there.. nice.

In other good news – finally purchased Groundhog Day on DVD. My video is wearing thin, as it’s one of those safe moves we watch over and over again. Also new to the collection: Highlander, Arlington Road (never seen it though) and Copycat (was recommended to us by my brother-in-law, I’d missed it at the cinema, and have to say it is a very good thriller – why didn’t it do better at the box office?)


Röyskopp : Melody a.m. is currently playing away in the background, ambient grooves, laidback electronica, yummy stuff. Don’t believe me? It was voted album of the month/week in the following publications: DJ, Muzik, Mixmag, The Face, Gay Times, Ministry, Sleaze Nation, Big Issue and 7 Magazine. None of which I read, which is probably why it took me so long to catch on (heard it first in local FOPP store – “A Higher Place” did it for me). Others like it too.

Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. was excellent. We caught a ‘making of’ documentary this morning, and Louise remembered that our local cinema was showing previews this weekend. So we caught a mid-day showing and well worth it too! As ever the animation is astounding, but you soon forget about it as the story is equally good. Again Pixar have done the business, and again it is packed with little references and in-jokes.

Watched Pop Idol last night, we seem to be getting caught up in it, Louise especially was getting really wound up when she couldn’t get through to vote. Thankfully Darius is out (at last).

Vanilla Rugby

Vanlla Sky Soundtrack – Probably the best part of the film. Which we paid money to see on Friday. Actually that’s not very fair, the story was good, slightly quirky, but way out of Mr.Cruise’s league. With the right actor in the main role this film would have grabbed you and pulled you in, as it was you didn’t ever feel involved enough with the main character to care about what was happening to him. I would also credit the director, and cinematographer, well thought and and shot movie, a few clever little bits early on that don’t become apparent until later on. The music was still the best bit – especially the hypnotic Radiohead track, which I’ve currently got playing the background.

Ohhh and don’t talk to me about the rugby. I’m taking what consolation I can in the fact that England are currently rated 1 or 2 in the world. Scant consolation, but it’s something I s’pos. Pah…


Bush warns on terror – I remember various pundits commenting on the ‘gung-ho’ style of President Bush, and that how it sometimes seemed he was always itching for a fight. Has he just proven them right?


So – nice weekend. Dinner at brother-in-laws (gorgeous roquefort and leek tart followed by perfectly cooked fillet steak), some shopping at IKEA (new store in Glasgow), and we watched America’s Sweethearts at the cinema. Film was OK but it was just good to be out of the house. Still not fully over my cold/fluey thing and I missed a party on Saturday cos of it.

Still this week has:

1. NBA live on BBC (Knicks vs Wizards – Jordan is back!)
2. Soprano’s series three on Channel Four.
3. WPC DD’s passing out parade on Thursday, followed by several drinks in the pub.
4. Halloween party on Wednesday – fancy dress ALL day!
5. Early bonfire night BBQ on Saturday.

Sheesh! I’ll be knackered – can’t wait!!


Xmas shopping. Jeepers. Watched Hannibal, and The Beach. Hannibal was OK… was a more ‘traditional’ thriller, but again Hopkins excels as Lecter. Julianne Moore was good, but didn’t bring the same vulnerable side of Starling into play much. The Beach was… OK… but so far detached from the book that I can understand why a lot of people didn’t like it. I think it was a bit soft, and too ‘Hollywood’. The love interest wasn’t required as the book isn’t about that at all, and Mister Duck was sadly absent from most of the film. Had potential, failed to deliver. That aside a quiet weekend, honed my skills further on Gran Turismo A-Spec in preparation for a matchup. The Big Chuffer actually thinks he will beat me!! Muwhahahahaha..


Quiet weekend. Relaxed. Did some packing (27th July can’t come quick enough now). Spent Saturday wandering round shops and garden centres (exciting, huh..) dreaming about our new garden, and what we are going to do, we figure we’ll need to get about 3 acres to fit in the pool, basketball court, etc etc.

We also rented three movies, the type we never really got around to seeing at the cinema.

1. Unbreakable: Hmmmm, strange, watchable but strange.

2. Girl, Interrupted: Excellent, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Winona Ryder in anything and I’d forgotten how good she is. Angelina Jolie was, as she was rewarded, mesmerising, playing the powerful yet powerless Lisa.

3. High Fidelity: disappointing after the book, but still an easy going, watchable film. John Cusack is his routinely excellent self, but still gives me the impression that he is waiting for ‘the’ script. Like he is holding something back. It’s almost like he is… acting. Does that make sense?


Life is a funny old thing, hell you don’t need me to tell you that. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything down, committed it to a storable electronic format, not really sure why I am, but just know that I need to.

It’s funny how a few things can jog the memory, a conversation here, a bit of information there, and you are soon comparing and analysing it, pulling it to pieces, reliving the experiences as best you can, even if you don’t want to.

Now this all makes me seem like I am craving martyrdom or suchlike. I prefer to think of it as an exercise in self-awareness, and ability to…aww crap who am I kidding.

I write this stuff prompted by life events. Sounds grandiose doesn’t it, but a conversation can be a life event. Recognising it as such is usually the difficult bit. However I am a great believer, as has been drummed into me, in talking, getting things off your chest. So conversation is crucial, be it about minor, silly things, to major life events. It all comes out in a conversation.

Conversation brings people together, even if the conversation is not prompted or lead by one person, the sharing of thoughts and ideas can be a revelation, and lightening of the load, or at least a sharing of the burden. Friendships and relationships flourish through conversation. Honesty is a lonely place, sharing it with someone, sometimes with anyone, makes it bearable – why do you think you get a lonely persons life story in one conversation? By including you in their space, the loneliness is eased.

The reverse of this is the pleasure some people, myself included, find in seclusion. Peace and tranquility are becoming harder and harder to find in today’s busy world, but it becomes a must. Seeking out loneliness to face the truth, confronting yourself with honesty. Before you can talk to others, you must talk to yourself. It doesn’t always work that way of course, but again, you don’t need me to tell you that.