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Global music sales drop but the UK CD market beats global slump. Why?

I also caught this on the news this morning, the reporter reasoned that us people in the UK (and France) still want the social kudos that goes with ‘owning’ the latest album. This is backed by figures which show the sales of singles dropping, whilst downloads of digital copies rise. £3.99 for a CD single or a couple of minutes to download the MP3?

However I think they missed something, and I’m not sure if anyone else has followed this line of thought further (ok, someone will have but bear with). If you are an average downloader of MP3’s you will, by now, have a fairly large collection of illegal tracks. If you add ripped music to the equation, then you are quickly into double figures of Gigabytes worth of music.

If you are an average PC user, how many times have you lost everything when a PC died, presuming you’ve used computers for, say 4-5 years.

And that’s why I buy CDs. Security.

Not fit

Vaughan remind me about watching the London Marathon on Sunday. I was in the gym, on the treadmill, watching the men’s race hit the 21 mile mark. The three runners out front looked fresh, were moving freely, and were putting in low 5 minutes miles.

After 10 minutes on the treadmill I was bright red, heavy legged, sweating like the proverbial *****, and ready to collapse. A long distance runner I will never be.


Name Report via (TeamMonkey)

Your first name of Gordon makes you spontaneous and versatile, enjoying congenial association, appreciating the finer things of life, and loving to talk and debate. You are strong willed and self-sufficient, not depending on others for encouragement. Your desire for independence and freedom means that you seldom tolerate limitations. Although you are naturally happy and generous, you fail to hold friendships because you are inclined to be too dogmatic, argumentative, or sarcastic. In an argument, you usually emerge the victor, but at a cost. Physical weaknesses centre in the head. The eyes, ears, teeth, or sinuses could be affected, or you could experience loss of hair. Skin problems such as acne or eczema could also appear.


I’ve not commented at all on the current ‘disturbances’ (war?) in the Middle East. Suffice to say it shocks, confuses, and angers me. Same emotions as you, I would imagine dear reader, underlined with the same question – WHY?

Mr. Pearce

Love thy neighbour – Guy Pearce. I doubt very much that I am alone in my growing admiration of this ‘guy’ (oh dear). A couple more solid performances and I’m sold, although I have to say that Memento is easily one of my top 10 choices, probably top 5. I’m looking forward to the Count of Monte Cristo all the more.


Playing the system – don’t read it, it will only make you angry/annoyed/pissed off etc etc…

(Going for reverse psychology here, I mean, why post a link and tell people NOT to read it… d’ya think I’m that stoopid? Ehhh, don’t answer that…).

Manly man?

S/he. Interesting piece.

I have always found it easier to make friends, with women, and tend to shy away from the more ‘lout-ish’ kinda guy. I do watch and play football, but it really is only a game. I do drink beer but it’s not a contest. I do flirt with women, but that is definitely a game without winners, and I never actually expect it to come to anything. I think I come across as non-threatening kinda guy, so women either tolerate me or actually enjoy my company. Guys seem either unsure of how to take me, threatened by me (???) or just not that fussed as they know I’m never really going to be ‘one of the boys’. My best male friends fall into the same kinda category. We can be ‘laddish’ but never to extreme.

Or are we just well adjusted?

Too obvious?

RE-ORDERING THE WORLD“Diplomacy is good value for money.”

Interesting read this, a speech given by Jack Straw at the Foreign Policy Centre. I particularly enjoyed his money saving ethics, although it does worry me that our Foreign Secretary didn’t seem to realise this until recently. Or is it one of those things that are only obvious when someone else points them out. Hmm I hope it isn’t, after all, isn’t that part of his job?