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Too obvious?

RE-ORDERING THE WORLD“Diplomacy is good value for money.”

Interesting read this, a speech given by Jack Straw at the Foreign Policy Centre. I particularly enjoyed his money saving ethics, although it does worry me that our Foreign Secretary didn’t seem to realise this until recently. Or is it one of those things that are only obvious when someone else points them out. Hmm I hope it isn’t, after all, isn’t that part of his job?


Neale’s wetlog hits the nail on the head again. One thing I’m constantly wary of is the amount of trust people put into what they read. Whilst this is well founded in published literature, especially respected newspapers, the internet sets a whole new realm of ‘publishing ethics’. I could name Google as a co-conspirator, as it is all too easy to find alternative news sources, and contradictory reporting. Who do you believe?

Follow up response by John Hiler.


Bush warns on terror – I remember various pundits commenting on the ‘gung-ho’ style of President Bush, and that how it sometimes seemed he was always itching for a fight. Has he just proven them right?


I’m not going to write any more about school shootings in the U.S. The BBC are of the same opinion as me, ban the guns, and stop rolling out the ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ argument, it’s just plain insulting. One thing this kind of tragedy does give is a sense of perspective, but it is worrying how easily we forget and move on these days, no longer do these sort of events linger in the news. Front page one day, almost forgotten the next. Have we become so self-centred that we don’t care what happens our fellow man?


Mass hysteria, mobs prowling the street with banners, wrongfully targetting lawful citizens. Where am I? The Middle East?

Try Florida, U.S. of A.

Personally I’m taking two approaches.
1. Agreeing with American friends that the whole situation is awful, and must be concluded (as long as [insert candidate] wins).
2. Quietly, smugly enjoying those damn yanks getting a little of their own medicine. i.e. the whole world pointing at them and discussing the farce that is their democratic process. Might be easier to get a dictator in, at least the matter would be settled.

US of Corruption

Ahhh ANOTHER quiet weekend – really must start doing SomeTHiNG else than go visit parents, and potter about round the house. Mind you I did get some work done.

Missed the OJ Simpson documentary during the week, heard it was a real eye opener (the man was innocent apparently). Although as it focussed round the concept that the American authority had set him up, and were trying to cover things up.. well no suprise really. America – the land of hopes, dreams and corrupt authorities (children with guns, etc etc). Every time I think – you know I’d really like to visit the U.S. of A. I hear about SomeTHiNG like this and think… NAHHH.


Once again it is the other stories that capture the memory. Derek Redmond being helped to hobble to finish his heat, Muhammad Ali collecting his gold (again), and Eric the Eel. A man who had never swum 100 metres and had never seen a 50m pool. 16,000 people watched him ‘race’ and win his heat. The other two swimmers in his heat were disqualified for a false start, meaning all he had to do was complete the distance to go through. Brilliant, I was on the edge of my seat, yelling. Those are the moments that I remember about the Olympics.

Mind you a tear entered my eye when Mr.Redgrave made it 5 in 5.

Zeldman – new splash page, and clever background effect. Hmmmm, might have to change my new design.

R.I.P. Sir Alec

Well we survived the weekend…just.

Not that we had the best start to Monday morning, Sir Alec Guinness is no longer with us. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. It is a true loss of a great character actor, and from all accounts, a great man. Oh and if you only know him from Star Wars – go and get some of his other films! Bridge over the River Kwai, The Ladykillers, Our Man in Havana and many more. His 6 roles in Kind Hearts and Coronets typefy his approach and mastering of charactering acting.

He will be missed.

Boycott the Pump

Well we’ve done our bit for the petrol boycott – have you?

Tonight, tonight (Smashing Pumpkins, WAY before Phil Collins (or was it Genesis)) I will continue the oft mentioned re-design.

Although as I didn’t get to sleep until 1 a.m. it might be a bit of a struggle…