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Game of Thrones sucks

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MILD SPOILERS: I’ve not gone into detail but there are a couple of notes on the most recent episode. Nothing that reveals any major storyplots though, but proceed with caution. It’s official (I use the term very loosely of course), but Game of Thrones now sucks. Despite how popular it… Read more »

Why I love films

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I recently saw the movie Arrival at the cinema. I was sitting about four rows from the front, dead centre, and was soon immersed in the story that was playing out. From the opening scene, that long fade from dark to light, the framing of the shot out across the… Read more »

Engaged in Long Form

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Throughout last year I tried to be a little more choosy with my content consumption and as a result, whilst I am definitely consuming more, it feels like what I am consuming better, more higher quality fare. Looking back at 2015, whilst the goals were laudable, I’ve gotten more from… Read more »


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This post contains no spoilers I am guilty of posting spoilers. TV show plot twists, sporting results, movie endings, I’ve done them all. But I’ve learned, by being on the receiving end one too many times, to think before I post. “Do unto others as you would have them do… Read more »

Over not Down

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It’s been over a year since I last mentioned my podcast listening habits, since then I’ve changed what app I use and the list of my subscriptions has changed too. Over not Down When I started using Downcast it was largely because it was available as both iOS and OSX… Read more »

My Sad Captains

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I’m a huge fan of Elbow. Partly for the melodies they weave and the sounds they create, but mostly because of the lyrics which are in turn funny, acidic, bold, soaring, and achingly beautiful. Guy Garvey is my favourite poet. Their songs, whether of sorrow, elated joy, or poignant recognition… Read more »


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I’m way way behind the curve on podcasts and I’m laying the blame firmly on my parents and their use of radio. I grew up in a house where music was the backdrop to most activities – my first hearing of Appetite for Destruction? My Dad loaned the cassette from… Read more »

Spotify Benefits – Shared Playlists

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I’m in the midst of writing up my thoughts on Spotify, or rather my own experiences moving from ‘ownership’ to ‘streaming’ but until I finish that, there is one thing that Spotify makes very easy, sharing playlists. Yes, I like to give my playlists silly names. I’ve been compiling a… Read more »

A day at the Fringe

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Last Saturday we headed to Edinburgh for some Fringe frolics, with only a vague plan but no real expectations of what we might see, so as we walked towards the Gilded Balloon we accepted a few flyers and made some quick decisions! First up was a musical comedian from Boston,… Read more »