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Love Thyself

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Entry number 792 in the ongoing get fit and lose weight campaign In this year of two thousand and seventeen I find myself, once again, looking to lose weight. I have pondered various options. Option 1: Walk home from work It’d take me about an hour to walk home. I… Read more »

Activity by circle

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A photo posted by Gordon McLean (@gmclean) on Jan 8, 2017 at 2:53pm PST There is no doubt that since getting my Apple Watch the three little coloured circles that appear on my watch face have helped me realise just how little I used to move. Since then, and admittedly… Read more »

Once more unto the breach

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Once more unto the breach Dear friends, once more; I had plans and goals, but then I always have plans and goals, and I achieved one of them in August yet, whilst September slipped by in a Singapore haze, October has loomed large and plans were made once more. The… Read more »

3 Rings to rule them all

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19 days through the month and so far so good! I’ve managed to complete all three rings every day, which has included a wedding in Coventry last weekend. I’m enjoying the walks, some longer than others, and my clothes feel a little bit looser (the scales will confirm at the… Read more »

Embracing change

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Given recent events, I’ve had a few weeks of free time/garden leave and if I’m being honest with myself, I’ve probably not done everything I could with them. Of course I’ve had some things to think about, finding a new job being a not inconsiderable part of that, but on… Read more »

No Excuses

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It’s too easy for me to avoid and put off things I know I should do. I’m not sure why that is, why my willpower diminishes at odd points of the day and with little to no warning. Some days I’m buzzed up and feeling good and getting things done,… Read more »

Emotional eating

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Short version: I hacked a way to only get the weight gain/loss number notified to me from my Withings scale. See here for the end solution, or read on for the background. I’m overweight. It’s a fact that hasn’t really changed in the last 10 years or so, my weight… Read more »

Bye Bye MyFitnessPal

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I recently tweeted that I was going to stop using MyFitnessPal, @pixeldiva asked me why. @pixeldiva because it’s a chore, a “havta” rather than a “wanna” and didn’t stop me overeating — G (@Gordon) September 1, 2014 I am overweight. Regular readers, hell even occasional readers, of this blog will… Read more »