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18 years old

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Yesterday. 18 years of writing nonsense and publishing it on line. 18 years of blogging. 18 years of reading, and commenting, and following, and then Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram and so it continues. 18 years ago I wrote about Sunglasses. Everything has changed since then. Nothing has changed since… Read more »


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I think English needs new words or, at the very least, some words that exist in other languages need to be adopted. As an example, look to schadenfraude. Schadenfreude is defined as “pleasure derived from the misfortune of others. Borrowed from German into English and several other languages, it is… Read more »

16 years old

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Every year this gets a bit scarier to admit. 16 years ago the internet was a small place, hand crafted HTML ruled the waves, and the surf was more a gentle swell than the tsunamis we now have to negotiate whenever we dip our toes. Even now I’m still not… Read more »

Not my blog

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When I first started writing short articles I had no real plan. At the time I was inspired by reading the things that others were publishing, it was early 1999 and personal websites were slowly on the rise. Reading those words, with the slow realisation that I could do it… Read more »


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I’ve posted about writing in the past, why I write, whether I should do more, and recently I’ve been thinking about taking this casual hobby a bit further. At the same time I’ve been focusing more on the things I post here which seems to have equated to longer posts. Not… Read more »

Professional Pride

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My official job title is Product Operations Manager. I’m still not quite sure what that means as the role is still fairly new to me, and to the company. My main day to day role is to help the team of Product Managers, Product Architects, Business Analysts and UX designers… Read more »

Writing about writing on writing

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I’m always one for the latest thing, particularly when it comes to social media. So when I heard the @Ev (the man behind Blogger and Twitter) had started up something new, I was quick to check it out. His latest venture is called Medium. It’s an online writing space. At… Read more »